How can you benefit from time-lapse?


Time-lapse helps you overcome the catch 22 in IVF

The observational dilemma, or catch 22, in IVF is that you want as much information as possible about the developing embryos to be able to select the best to transfer, or deselect those with a lower implantation potential. On the other hand you want to avoid disturbing the embryos by taking them out from the incubator for evaluation. Access to time-lapse technology in the IVF lab allows you to leave the embryos in the incubator while a camera continuously takes images of the whole embryo development. These images are put together into a film, which gives unlimited possibilities to evaluate embryos without any handling stress.

Proven clinical benefits of time-lapse

Numerous articles supporting the clinical benefits of using time-lapse in IVF have been published over the last couple of years including the following;

  •          Reduced pregnancy loss

  •          Improved implantation rate

  •          Shorter time to pregnancy

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