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Vitrolife Academy provides global clinical support with external education, training and collaborations through a network of specialists and experts within the IVF field. Our commitment to knowledge sharing, education and training have never been more important. We have gathered all of our previous webinars below.

On Vitrolife Academy Educational Material  you will find educational presentations, white papers, scientific summaries and much more to improve and deepen your knowledge in assisted reproduction.

Time-lapse webinars

Recorded webinar_making the right choice-1 Recorded webinar_AI in TL-1 Recorded webinar_Latest technologies

In this webinar Dr. Tine Qvistgaard Kajhøj will guide you through the  benefits of streamlined embryo evaluation, how to perform it and how it helps you obtain improved results. 

This live webinar was held in December 2018.

In this webinar, Dr. Mikkel Fly  Kragh will go through how he      and colleagues have worked on integrating artificial intelligence  into time-lapse and more specifically how they have automated blastocyst grading using AI.

This live webinar was held in December 2019.



In this webinar, Prof. David Gardner discusses how the latest new technologies such as time-lapse, AI-based analysis of sequences of embryo development, metabolic profiling and non-invasive genetic testing are now coming together to assist in selecting not only the most viable but also the healthiest embryo for transfer. The culmination of the technologies is a significantly reduced time to a healthy pregnancy.

This live webinar was held April 2020.

Recorded webinar_The future of AI methods_Mikkel

From AI to Bedside - Presented by Dr. Aengus Tran-2

iDAScore – Development of robust AI based embryo evaluation - Jens Rimestad-1

Watch this recorded webinar from the IVF Worldwide Online Congress, where Dr. Mikkel Fly Kragh presented new developments based on time-lapse and artificial intelligence.

This webinar was held April 2020.

From AI to Bedside - Presented by Dr. Aengus Tran, MD, Harrison.AI (Sydney, Australia). 

In this online symposium, Dr. Aengus Tran, MD, Harrison.AI, will introduce us to Artificial Intelligence and its applications in the field of medicine.

This presentation was part of Vitrolife Scientific symposium at ESHRE online 2020.

iDAScore – Development of robust AI based embryo evaluation - Presented by Jens Rimestad, Deep learning specialist (Aarhus, Denmark).

Jens Rimestad, Deep Learning Specialist at Vitrolife will present development and validation of a new AI-based tool, which is designed to automate embryo evaluation and provide scores to reflect their implantation potential.

This presentation was part of Vitrolife Scientific symposium at ESHRE online 2020.

Recorded webinar_iDAScore November 2020



In this recorded webinar, Jørgen Berntsen, Data Science Manager at Vitrolife, present performance of a fully automated AI-based embryo evaluation algorithm. We will also look at how the AI scores correlate with currently accepted embryo evaluation parameters.

This webinar was held November 2020.




Embryo Transfer webinars

Recorded webinar_EG


Recorded webinar_oil in IVF_academy

"Oil in IVF Culture - a light or heavy decision"

In this webinar, Prof. David K Gardner guides you through the role of hyaluronan in biology and the benefits of using EmbryoGlue in preimplantation embryo culture and transfer.

This live webinar was held in June 2019.


In this webinar Nuno Costa-Borges, scientific director at Embryotools, will discuss the importance of working with high quality oil and share his experiences of using light or heavy oil. He will talk about the handling of oil, the consequences of not using enough oil as well as the choice of oil in different culture systems.

This live webinar was held in January 2021.

Vitrification webinars

Recorded webinar_Oocyte vit Recorded webinar_Experiences with closed vitr.system



In this webinar Dr. Ann-Helene Jakobsson will share insights about oocyte vitrification. Learn about the challenges with oocyte vitrification, how to optimise your workflow and save time in every procedure and get practical tips and tricks on how to succeed with Rapid-i Vitrification System.

This live webinar was held in March 2020.

In this recorded webinar, Prof. Thomas Freour will share a retrospective clinical dataset of 7000 warmed blastocysts and describe his experiences with an optimised, closed vitrification system at University Hospital of Nantes, France.

This live webinar wad held in June 2020.


Genetic Testing webinars

Recorded webinar_PGTa journey Recorded webinar_PGT M; Karyomapping Uncovered Recorded webinar_Utilising Genomics in IVF


In this webinar, Prof. Alan Handyside reviews evidence for the effectiveness of PGT-A as an additional tool for embryo selection to improve clinical outcomes, particularly for single embryo transfers. Prof Handyside also considers how to implement PGT-A successfully and reviews prospects for non-invasive testing for aneuploidy (niPGT-A) using spent culture medium.

This live webinar was held in  March 2020.

In this webinar, you will join us for a rediscovery of Karyomapping PGT-M technology, including challenging cases solved and the concurrent detection of aneuploidies. Gain an understanding of the journey from a genetic counsellor’s perspective and discover the benefits of the comprehensive PGT-M solution.

This live webinar was held in May 2020.

The use of genomics in assisted reproduction has transformed IVF around the world. In this recorded webinar, you will join us for a rediscovery of Karyomapping PGT-M technology, including the ability to solve challenging cases, and an overview of the pivotal role of the clinician and genetic counsellor.  

This live webinar was held in May 2020.

Recorded webinar_Current and Future Trends in PGT-A May 2020

Recorded webinar_Genomics in Assisted Reproduction


Recorded webinar_PGT-A State of the ART


In this webinar, we will get insights from experts in the field of Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy in assisted reproduction. Our presenters will share retrospective data from PGT-A in highly successful programs, synergistic technologies to improve outcomes, and the future applications currently being investigated in research programs.

This live webinar was held in May 2020.

The use of genomics has the potential to further transform assisted reproduction. In this innovative and educational webinar we will discuss the latest technologies that have potential applications in IVF. Listen to our expert speakers who will share their experience of current and future trends.   

This live webinar was held in May 2020.

Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A) is being used increasingly around the world to improve embryo selection and clinical outcomes per embryo transfer. In this webinar presented by Prof. Alan H. Handyside, the current state of the art for PGT-A will be reviewed.

This live webinar was held in December 2020.

Quality Control webinars

Recorded webinar_Qiality control silver Recorded webinar_QC in human laboratory Recorded webinar_Returning to safe IVF lab operations in the COVID era


In this webinar, Dr. Christer Silversand will help you understand how you can create optimal culture conditions by understanding the importance of extensive quality testing and using an unbroken chain of quality products.

This live webinar was held in November 2017.

In this webinar, Dr.  Markus Montag will discuss  various aspects of quality control. The importance of osmolality, pH, temperature control, air quality, workflow, embryotoxicity and various other laboratory aspects will be explained. 

This live webinar was held in April 2020.

In this webinar, Dr. Jason E. Swain and Dr. Charles Bormann will discuss disaster preparedness, and the new realities and considerations COVID-19 will impose on day-to-day operations within IVF Clinics and Infertility Practices. The webinar is moderated by Dr. Mark Larman PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Vitrolife.

This live webinar was held in April 2020.