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In this recorded version of a live webinar Dr. Christer Silversand will help you understand how you can create optimal culture conditions by understanding the importance of extensive quality testing and using an unbroken chain of quality products. 

He will guide you through the differences between quality tests, what an extensive quality program should look like and also explain the differences between quality directives, such as IVD and IVF.

Finally he will show how using Vitrolife Labware throughout the whole IVF procedure can improve the clinical outcome by being created, tested and certified for use in IVF.

Length of webinar is 40 min.

Presenter - Dr. Christer Silversand

Silver_blog_photo.jpgChrister “Silver” Silversand is a Senior Scientist at Vitrolife. Silver is strongly committed to improving the implantation rate and the outcome of IVF treatments. He is dedicated to quality control and culture conditions and you can often hear him lecturing passionately about the importance of minimising intracellular stress during culture of human gametes and embryos.