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This webinar was recorded in January 2023.

Vitrification has evolved into a reliable and efficient method to freeze oocytes and embryos. The goal is to ensure the maximum survival rate with the highest level of biosafety. 

In this webinar, Kristina Schildauer, Embryologist and Technical Product Manager at Vitrolife, will compare closed and open carrier devices for vitrification. You will also get an insight into liquid nitrogen-mediated transmission of infectious agents and health authorities’ views of the different devices. 

Presenter - Kristina Schildauer, Vitrolife


Kristina began her career in IVF as an Embryologist in 2002 at Linköping University Hospital and has since then worked in several IVF-clinics in Sweden. She has more than 15 years of experience as a Lab Manager and is currently working as an Embryologist and Technical Product Manager at Vitrolife.