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As culture systems for the human embryo have improved significantly over the past two decades, so too has the implantation rate of embryos transferred. With the clinical introduction of blastocyst culture and transfer, there is now no need to transfer multiple embryos to attain high pregnancy rates, and single blastocyst has become the standard of care worldwide. So now the pressing issue is how do we best select the most viable blastocyst for transfer, thereby reducing time to pregnancy?

In this webinar, Prof. David Gardner will discuss how the latest new technologies such as time-lapse, AI-based analysis of sequences of embryo development, metabolic profiling and non-invasive genetic testing are now coming together to assist in selecting not only the most viable but also the healthiest embryo for transfer. The culmination of the technologies is a significantly reduced time to a healthy pregnancy.

Presenter - Prof. David K. Gardner

David Gardner_100x126David has provided the IVF community with ground breaking research on embryo physiology, cryopreservation and culture conditions for over 30 years. When not lecturing around the world, he can be found at the University of Melbourne and at Melbourne IVF as Scientific Director, which is part of Virtus Health.