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In this recorded version, you will join us for a rediscovery of Karyomapping PGT-M technology, including challenging cases solved and the concurrent detection of aneuploidies. Gain an understanding of the journey from a genetic counsellor’s perspective and discover the benefits of the comprehensive PGT-M solution.

Introducing Karyomapping for PGT-M, Dr. Robert Blanshard, Vitrolife

Dr. Blanshard joined Vitrolife from Illumina and prior to that was at BlueGnome. He completed his PhD under Prof. Eva Hoffmann and Professor Alan Handyside where he developed new technologies to study the origin of aneuploidy in human female meiosis and preimplantation embryos. Dr. Blanshard is highly experienced in the technique of Karyomapping and will present the basics of the assay and how this is used in PGT-M.


The PGT-M Journey and the Role of the Genetic Counsellor, Karen Sage MSc, Fertility Genetics, United Kingdom

Karen Sage has a Master’s degree in Genetic Counselling and is the UK’s first specialist genetic counsellor in fertility. Initially working alongside Professor Alan Handyside as lead Genetic Counsellor at the Bridge Centre in London, Karen was then invited to join the Care Fertility Group to set up and lead the Genomic Services across the network of IVF clinics. Karen is specialised in genetic counselling of patients undergoing preimplantation genetic testing for monogenic diseases (PGT-M), structural rearrangements (PGT-SR) and aneuploidy (PGT-A). Karen is a founding partner of Fertility Genetics, ( where she provides independent consultancy. Karen will share with us her extensive experience in counselling PGT-M patients, the process and some example cases.


Solving Challenging Cases with Karyomapping, Dr. Miroslav Hornak, R&D Director of Genetic Laboratory, Repromeda CZ

Dr Miroslav Hornak, R&D Director of Genetic Laboratory, Repromeda CZ. Repromeda have been a Karyomapping user from its launch in 2014, establishing their expertise in the field of PGT-M. In this webinar Dr. Hornak will highlight Repromeda’s ability to solve challenging cases with Karyomapping.


Taking Karyomapping to the Next Level – Harnessing SNPs for Aneuploidy Detection, Dr. Roy Naja, Lab Director, Igenomix UK.

Dr Roy Naja, Lab Director, Igenomix UK. During this session Dr Naja will discuss how the Igenomix UK team are uncovering the full potential of Karyomapping to bring PGT-A and PGT-M together in a single assay.